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Greenville, SC

I help aspiring world changers overcome self-doubt and create healthy intimacy and relationships that free them to be the most of who they are and give their gifts to the world. 

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Heal. Empower. Ignite.

The Rose Model programs give teens and adults a lifelong toolkit to prevent toxic relationship dynamics, develop healthy connections and build authentic intimacy.


Step onto the dance floor of life.

By infusing dance and movement in our live trainings, we lighten previously tough topics and create a culture where instead of turning to destructive patterns, people learn to honor and encourage each other to become their truest selves.



Ultimately, we believe that building healthy, fulfilled people and relationships will change the world. 

The Rose Model is a roadmap for shedding what holds you back, emerging as your truest self, and building connections that free us to share our unique gifts. Whether your work is as an individual, a campus, or in a professional setting, our customized live trainings and coaching programs guide participants through the Rose Model’s signature framework to Heal, Empower and Ignite people’s lives and dreams:

1. Heal:

  • Shed masks and limiting beliefs.

  • Heal trauma, unhealthy patterns and gender divides.

  • End violence and bullying in our schools, communities and places of work.

2. Empower:

  • Create the building blocks of healthy relationship with self and others.

  • Enhance communication, connection and leadership skills.

  • Build a safe foundation for taking risks.

3. Ignite:

  • Become safe, free and supported to share vulnerabilities and deepen intimacy.

  • Understand how personal wellbeing, relationships and sexual health can integrate, free of taboo and shame, to build healthy people and cultures.

  • Release your unique gifts into the world.


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