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Greenville, SC

I help aspiring world changers overcome self-doubt and create healthy intimacy and relationships that free them to be the most of who they are and give their gifts to the world. 

Rose Model Live Workshops

Experience the energy created by the Rose Model's signature blend of movement and transformational coaching practices at live workshops. We work with all genders and orientations on building healthy relationships and intimacy from within.

Rose Model Workshops combine Lori's relationship and intimacy coaching, sexual health training, and lessons from the dance floor to help you uncover your unique gifts and catalyze your dreams. Here are some examples of workshop themes. If you'd like to set up a workshop in your city, let's get in touch and see if we can make it happen!

  • Heal, Empower, Ignite: Creating the love that frees us
  • Consent is Sexy: Empowering young adults to prevent sexual violence and form healthy connections
  • Body Confidence: Using dance to embody self-compassion, inner power and sensual freedom
  • Sensual Bachata: A path to relationship health
  • Bust Through, Be You for Women: Igniting your confidence, connection and pleasure
  • The Blossoming Soul: Guiding young women to navigate relationships and life transitions








What others have said about Rose Model Workshop Experiences: 

"I recommended this workshop to a friend right away, and he came to the next one. The instruction was high quality. It was a fun, uplifting night, and it helped me feel more comfortable in my interactions with other people. It also gave me some valuable takeaways in terms of how I relate to myself." ~Noah, Sensual Bachata workshop participant

"Your workshop format allows and encourages vulnerability, even amongst strangers, and I learned to explore sensuality with much more ease than I thought I would have. Using dance allows people to have a concrete example for what healthy interactions and relationships look like. And the mindfulness practice was amazing!! ~Rachel, Bust Through Be You and Sensual Bachata workshop participant