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Greenville, SC

I help aspiring world changers overcome self-doubt and create healthy intimacy and relationships that free them to be the most of who they are and give their gifts to the world. 

How The Rose Model works: The Path to Freedom

Heal. Learn to face your real stuff - that thing you've tried to ignore, but has been holding you back for a long time now. Take charge of your happiness so that you're not getting bashed around by tough circumstances or "waiting for the right person" - you ARE that worthy, beautiful person. 

Empower. Find your inner power and your voice, and learn to foster safety and radical honesty in your relationships in order to build trust and intimacy.

Ignite. Release the most of who you are, so that you live your dreams and the whole world benefits.

Our relationships, starting with the Self, form our foundations. If we are steeped in self-doubt, walking on eggshells with a partner, or unable to share the truth with family or at work - we are actually being suppressed in who we are. But it doesn't have to stay this way. We believe and have seen that we ALL have the power to make positive changes, and that changing the world starts within ourselves. 

Ready to hit the dance floor of life? The Rose Model arms you with lifelong tools to become your fullest self, attract healthy friends and partners, and give your unique gifts to the world.  We all deserve to be free. 

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