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Greenville, SC

I help aspiring world changers overcome self-doubt and create healthy intimacy and relationships that free them to be the most of who they are and give their gifts to the world. 

Success Stories

College students:

"I can’t imagine what life would be like if I hadn’t started talking with Lori in high school. Instead of getting caught up in the social and sexual pressures of college life, I’ve been able to grow my confidence and pursue my  dreams. The Rose Model helped me navigate friendships, family and romantic relationships, and I felt accomplished each time I moved up a “level” in a healthy way. While working with Lori, I’ve made great friends who I trust, taken better care of myself and gone fervently after my passions - I recently even obtained a prestigious scholarship to show for it!"  ~Emily, university student


Educators and Counselors:

“Once again, your presentation was right on, timely, and hit the spot.  Do you think you could come back every six months or so?  I want to make sure the residents hear this talk at least once before they graduate the program." ~Kirby Reutter, Licensed Psychologist, Gateway Woods Family Services


Young Professionals:

"What Lori called out of me has been life changing. Hearing her story and what she went through to develop the Rose Model was very powerful. Her decision to rise from where she was and blossom into her truest and most complete self by accepting and nurturing and, if it comes to it, guarding who she is, is a powerful example of wholehearted living that I want for myself. Having to place people and relationships on the model was also very enlightening and gave me a starting place in how to heal and enrich those relationships in my life, even my understanding of myself." ~Lauren, educator


Seasoned Professionals:

“Each time working with Lori I’ve learned valuable information that helped me look at the relationships in my life with a new perspective.  The Rose Model is like my own personal toolkit that I can carry with me, helping tweak my way of thinking which enhances how I feel about myself and others.

I only wish that  The Rose Model had been around when I was a teenager because I truly believe I could have saved myself many years of turmoil had I had this information to guide and nurture me through those very difficult and self-defining years." ~Rene Bodine, Bott Radio Network

Clients share their stories of how The Rose Model benefitted their groups and individual goals:

Rene, a longtime student, shares how The Rose Model work helped to transform her life. 

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