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Greenville, SC

I help aspiring world changers overcome self-doubt and create healthy intimacy and relationships that free them to be the most of who they are and give their gifts to the world. 

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Campus Impact

Prevention education in a new light

Each program is customized in a real, relatable and fun way, providing the tools emerging adults need to become healthy & whole, prevent intimate partner & sexual violence, find their voices & power, build leadership skills, and clearly identify, grow and sustain healthy relationships and intimacy.

The way Lori infuses truth-telling, dancing and movement engages our audience on a whole new level, and gives them tools they can immediately use to make positive changes in their lives.” - Sunny Dueland, Director of Student Athlete Development, Clemson University

violence prevention, Consent and healthy sexuality

For campuses and schools of any size, these programs provide teens and young adults with the tools they need to make wise decisions regarding relationships, sexuality, alcohol and consent.

  • Equips students to have real conversations and address the underpinnings of sexual violence.

  • Arms students with understanding and skills to lead cultural change and create healthy mindsets, relationships, and fulfillment in their lives.

  • Empowers students to make wise decisions regarding consent, alcohol, and sexual health.

  • Guides students in connecting the dots between personal wellbeing, relationships and sexual health, so they can make informed and healthy choices throughout their lives.


Healthy relationships from  the inside out

Participants learn the building blocks of healthy relationships, starting with the most important one -- the relationship we have with ourselves.  Through the course students learn to:

  • Manage mental and emotional health and gain tools to weather the dips and valleys of life.

  • Recognize early warning signs of relationship abuse.

  • Effectively communicate in both personal and professional life.

  • Feel more empowered through leadership skills.

  • Build trust from a place of authenticity.

  • Heal patterns and trauma to develop a foundation for healthy personal, professional and intimate relationships throughout life.

  • Sharpen emotional intelligence and utilize empathy and compassion to improve our culture’s health.


The Blossoming Soul Workshop Series

Young adult women learn to navigate the changes in their lives, attract healthy friends and partners, and emerge into the world with their self-trust in tact. This programming helps young women to:

  • Unlock their fullest potential.

  • Recognize and set boundaries for dangerous behaviors as soon as they occur.

  • Tap into confidence and intuition so they can better guide themselves.

  • Receive tools to assess their readiness for physical intimacy.

  • Develop higher level communication skills to eliminate drama and create more fulfilling relationships.

  • Take charge of their decisions so they can experience sexuality in a way that enhances their lives.

  • Build nourishing relationships that honor their fullest selves.