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I help aspiring world changers overcome self-doubt and create healthy intimacy and relationships that free them to be the most of who they are and give their gifts to the world. 


Rosy Words: Lori's Blog

In honor of my seven ancestors named Rose, this blog honors the daily ways we can spark love in each other's lives and ignite positive change in the world. Many of these posts are messages from the “Universe” that come to me through meditation. Enjoy!

Lori Rose


When you don't know what step to take...

Lori Rose

This week has had some tough parts -- seeing heart-breaking negativity and discrimination on social media (a story and lesson for another day), and wrestling with a discontent feeling of wanting, because The Rose Model is ready to give widely now, and every step of the way of growing this work and giving my gifts, I battle more gremlins. It can get me tired at times, but it will never get the best of me. This work came from my soul, and I know I am here to build and give it. So one foot in front of the other we go, even when I can only see a couple inches in front of us. 

I aim to share more of this journey with you, because I believe we are on it together. You have gifts to give, and I'm right with you as you take your next step, even when you don't know exactly how that step will go. Kind of like a 3-legged race, you know? Consider me the person next to you who leaves you no choice but to take another step forward :). 

Earlier this week, after months of *thinking* about it, I finally recorded my guided meditation process for a coaching client.

And what did I do next? Doubted it, of course. It wasn't quite good enough. Comprehensive enough. I had just drank almond milk, and definitely burped somewhere in the recording in between describing chakras. 

I've led this dear client in my meditation before, and she got so much out of it, just like I do -- whenever I step through the resistance and actually DO it. I let her know I had a version to send her but wanted to improve upon it. She knows me well, and asked me to please send over my imperfect version, burp included. 

I resisted, all week.

Today, I forced myself to DO my own guided meditation, resistance and all. Our gifts aren't serving their purpose if we don't move them out and through the universe. I hit "play" on the audio while throwing on running clothes, well before I felt Ready and Prepared to meditate "properly." And then I heard my own words that there is no such thing as meditating properly. Ah, right. It is merely about connecting, and re-centering. So I simply stayed with the process. Here is the message my guides shared afterward. It asked to be shared with you, too: 

"You are on the right track, my angel.

At this time, in this place, with these surroundings.

The vibration is here with you, nudging and propelling your growth, your emergence.

Send away the thoughts, the worries, about what anyone else may think or do.

This is about Your Truth. Your Alignment. Your Power.

From that emanates your gifts --

The reason why you are here.

We all desire and need that from you.

So very much.

So very fully.

Please, please trust us.

Please trust the path.

Please trust yourself, as you move each little muscle, and take each step.

Ask your feet to take the next step with us. Today.

Reach out. Plug in. And SAY it.

Say what you know to be true.

Send your love out widely.

We are hungry for love and connection.

The more you plug in, and connect to, and feed that hunger --

The more alive you will be."


Your dreams are tugging at you for a reason. Please join me in taking your next step today. We can do this.